Architectural highlight with a panoramic view

Cubic houses with clear forms are popular – above-all when, in addition to high functionality, they provide sufficient space for individual design options. The Deutschmann family’s purist architect-designed house in the Pirmasens region unites these qualities. Here, the attached Glasoase® from the sun and weather protection expert weinor is a special jewel: a cubic patio roof including glass sliding doors, with which the transparent weather protection can be transformed to an unheated conservatory.

The Deutschmanns’ 350 m2 house was built in 2010 in accordance with contemporary design aspects. Equipping with fair-faced concrete elements and wood panelling of the protruding parts of the building body took place in 2022. Moreover, the exposed location of the architect-designed house on a hill necessitated good protection of the patio against the elements. “Extension with effective and load-bearing sun and wind protection was urgently needed,” as the owner Norman Deutschmann reports.

Cubic unheated conservatory wanted!

It was clear to the house owner from the outset: the house and desired unheated conservatory should form a design entity – without aesthetic concessions. Therefore, the builder-owner was particularly discerning when selecting the weather protection for the 80 m2 large patio. However, searching was easier said than done: Although various unheated conservatories with visible roof pitch are available on the market, the sloping would have meant a shear in style for the strictly cubic house.

Finally, the builder-owner was given the fitting recommendation from the master workshop Rolladen Huber in Pirmasens. “Because the cubic, purist form matched our architecture precisely, we decided in favour of the Glasoase® based on the patio roof Terrazza Pure,” as the owner, Deutschmann, explains. The linear construction now spans an area of some five by four metres.

Almost sorcery: invisible roof pitch

Felix Huber, Managing Director of the craftsman’s company, explains the highlight of the linear construction: “The special glass support technology is integrated so intelligently in the roof supports that the roof pitch cannot be perceived from outside. The observer is presented a cube consisting of glass and aluminium, which is integrated in the building’s purist design, giving the impression of a single, uniform piece.”

Also, the retailer recommended the builder-owner die glass sliding doors and an undermounted conservatory awning: “Things can sometimes become rather hot under fully glazed constructions in case of sunlight”, as the expert explains. “Therefore, in addition to glass sliding doors which can be opened wide, we also recommend sun protection as effective protection against the sun for the patio. for a pleasant climate It can be operated quite simply with remote control.” A further effect of the undermounted conservatory awning: With its textile charm, it spreads a homely flair in the Glasoase®.

Masterfully adaptable aluminium profiles

 “In addition to the design, the materials and the handling of colour are very important to us”, as the builder-owner reports. Limitation to the colours white and anthracite for the plastering, fair-faced concrete and window frames provides clarity. Additionally, wood and patina provide counterpoints close to nature. As more than 200 different frame colours are available for the high-quality colour coating, precisely the matching anthracite shade could be selected. Thus, the unheated conservatory adapts effortlessly to the overall building design.

 “Investment in the cubic Glasoase® was worth every penny”, as the builder-owner resumes, “we use the patio every day from spring to autumn.” He is also very happy with the specialist company which carried out the work: “Mr Huber advised us really professionally and installation was flawless. It pays off here when genuine professionals do the work!”

weinor partner responsible: Rolladen Huber, Pirmasens

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The Terrazza Pure cubic glass patio roof from weinor impresses due to its modern square and innovative design.


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