Enjoy your Kölsch beer well protected

The traditional club ASV Köln furnished the back of its sports hall with a Glasoase® from weinor. The 150 square metre transparent conservatory serves as a lounge and waiting area protected from the weather for club members and spectators of sports events

The ASV Köln sports hall once had a glamorous past. In the 1980s, the BSC Saturn Köln basketball players celebrated four German championships and three cup wins here. In 2014, Cologne basketball returned to the modernised hall for one and a half years with the RheinStars. This is not the only reason why the sports centre is well visited. ASV Köln offers its members a varied programme of courses, some of which also take place in the hall. It is also hired out by other Cologne clubs.

Upgrading the outdoor area

ASV Köln therefore can't complain about a lack of use – quite the opposite. As a result, they thought about what structural work might upgrade the hall even more. It quickly became clear that a protected conservatory at the west end of the hall would bring lots of advantages with it. Parents can spend time here while they are waiting for their children who are doing sport. With events such as summer festivals or other sports events, this area would be ideal as a lounge to enjoy a Kölsch beer together over a cosy chat in the conservatory.

Conservatory with LED lighting

In close collaboration with the ASV club management, weinor drew up a concept for the use of the west entrance area, whatever the weather. A 6 x 25 metre glass roof construction with aluminium roof supports resting on eight supporting posts in total was used. The glazing elements on the wall bracket were provided with a ventilation function for fire safety reasons. The patio roof with glazing elements was closed at the front. The seven w17-c systems with three leafs each can be easily opened and have an actuator function so that all the panels can glide at the same time. As a result, plenty of cool air is also ensured on warm summer days. Overall, the result is a large transparent conservatory that lets in lots of natural daylight. So that it can also be used in the dark, the roof supports were given 14 LED light bars with ten spotlights each. They immerse the inside in a warm, atmospheric light.

Obstacles confidently overcome during planning and installation

The weinor installation team had to cope with several challenging tasks during preparation and installation. For example, the sports hall wall is made of aerated concrete, which no documentation existed for any more from the time it was built. The lowest load-bearing capacity therefore had to be assumed. The wall bracket also had to run around several reinforced concrete stilts to mount the roof construction. A 400 mm wide aluminium panel was fitted behind the wall bracket to transfer the load to approximately 200 fixing points in the wall. The roof could then be mounted onto this. What also made the installation more difficult is that access to the installation site was only possible with a restricted axle load and the components had to be reloaded onto a telescopic loader on the edge of the sports field. As the ground work still wasn't finished under the roof construction, a glass lift could not be used. As a result, only manual glazing came into question. The roughly 100 roof panels were therefore transported to their installation site with a great deal of muscle power.

The efforts was worth it though and the result is extremely gratifying. The result is a transparent, high-quality conservatory that significantly improves the sports hall and opens up additional space. ASV President Walter Bungard is impressed: "A great facility, loads of space – we can really offer our members value added with the conservatory from weinor. It is one more component of several measures with which ASV Köln wants to highlight its leading role as one of the oldest and most popular sports club in Cologne."


weinor Glasoase®
weinor Glasoase®
weinor Glasoase®
weinor Glasoase®
weinor Glasoase®
weinor Glasoase®

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