Patio and balcony awning projects

Chemnitz: Patio awning for an 
architect-designed house

The linear house in a purist Bauhaus style has found its perfect equivalent with the cubic Kubata cassette awning from weinor. With a design which gives the impression of a single, uniform piece, it is integrated into the ensemble.

Messel close to Darmstadt: Sun protection with colour accentuation

With its generous dimensions, the high-quality cassette awning ensures pleasant shade by the pool of a modern house. The red awning fabric sets clear accents on the facade.

Leiblfing in Lower Bavaria: Colour accentuation with a designer awning

Its rich red enables the cubic cassette awning to accentuate the facade of the house in Leiblfing powerfully. The awning and house merge in artistic unity.

Andernach: House and awning with a seamless look

Die The owners of the modern house in Andernach can now enjoy their sun-kissed patio much longer. Here, the appearance of their cubic cassette awning matches the style of their house perfectly.

Cologne: pergola for architect-designed house

The builder-owners of a detached house in Cologne equipped their patio with a Plaza Viva pergola awning from weinor.

Walsh Bay Sydney: 156 Cassita II design awnings

Residents in the exclusive Walsh Bay residential area in Australia's Sydney are delighted with the 156 weinor awnings in total from the Cassita II range. As reliable sun protection is extremely important on the 5th continent.