Patio roof and awning in the partner-look

A builder-owner family from Leverkusen wanted to equip their patio with both reliable a sun protection system and protection against the elements. They opted for a combination of a patio awning and a patio roof with a conservatory awning.

Nine years ago, when the current owners bought the building, which was originally built in 1968, everything needed to be renovated. After much of the interior area had been refurbished, they turned to the exterior area, and particularly the sun protection. This was urgently required. The existing awnings were old. And after so many years, they were looking very worn out. The family didn't want to go without a sun protection system however, as the south western position of the living room and the adjoining patio would otherwise become uncomfortably hot, particularly in the interior area in the summer months. But what was the best solution? Would it be better for the large patio to be completely covered so as to achieve a large area with protection from the elements? Or would one or more awnings be sufficient?

Solid patio roof plus conservatory awning

Following a detailed consultation with the weinor retail partners Fortuna Wintergarten, the builder-owner family decided to opt for a combined solution. They chose the Terrazza patio roof from weinor. The stable aluminium construction, featuring a glass roof, provides reliable protection against both the wind and the weather. This also makes the patio a cosy place at which to sit outside on those summer days when it decides to rain. The roof was also equipped with the Sottezza II conservatory awning underlay to prevent it from getting too hot under the roof when the sun shines. The decorative inside shadowing is elegant, sleek and visually understated.

A high quality patio awning with a click
To ensure that the interior areas benefit from as much natural light as possible, it is important that the roofed area isn't too big. In this respect, with the Opal Design II, a high quality patio awning is in use. It is especially suitable for shading large areas, and stands out with its timelessly classic shaping and design. Its special feature: the lateral sickles close with an audible click, and therefore indicate that the awning has been closed properly. In this way, the fabric is excellently protected against moisture and dirt.

As if cast from one mould
Both design elements fulfil another important purpose: a uniform visual appeal. The fabrics used on the conservatory and patio awnings are of a discreet white matt quality. And both of the frames look as if they are cast from one mould, namely, in dark anthracite. In this way, the entire patio construction creates a stylish and coordinated impression. And that isn't by chance, as weinor attributes huge importance to the quality of its fabrics and its profiles as a manufacturer. An in-house powder coating ensures the highest levels of quality with the frame colours and uniform visuals for the various weinor products.

Clever accessories: vertical awnings, LED lighting and radio control
Another benefit of the weinor solutions are its clever accessories: LED lighting is integrated in both of the awning cassettes. This bathes the patio in a warm, atmospheric light. The family in Leverkusen also wanted to enjoy protection from the angled rays of the evening sun. This is achieved with the two VolantPlus flounces from weinor. These are located on the drop profile of the patio awning at the front, and on the frame of the Terrazza patio roof. This prevents those who use the patio from being dazzled. The two VolantPlus flounces also provide reliable privacy protection. Everything is controlled with the use of a radio system. In this way, the awnings, the flounces and the lighting can be controlled with ease. The LED lights can even be dimmed, so that the patio lighting can be adjusted according to the individual requirements.

With the solutions from weinor, the whole family can now enjoy a pleasant time on their patio, regardless of the wind, sunshine or rain. After all, it's always nicer outside ...

weinor partner involved in this project: Fortuna Wintergarten

Photos: weinor / Fortuna Wintergärten



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