Pergola awning projects

Landhaus Milser / Duisburg: a pergola awning extends the dining area

The hotel which is owned by the former German weightlifting world champion and Olympic medallist Rolf Milser has been equipped with a three-piece wide PergoTex pergola awning from weinor. 

Göbel’s Schlosshotel “Prinz von Hessen”: pergola awning for the restaurant area

The 5-star Hotel Prinz von Hessen in Friedewald near Bad Hersfeld has covered its restaurant patio with two pergola awnings from weinor.

Pergola awnings in Papenburg: patio roofing for the horticultural show

The Lower Saxony horticultural show in Papenburg equipped its open air stage with the PergoTex pergola awning from weinor in 2014.

Waterfront Café / Great Britain: weather protection by the water

The protected patio area at the Waterfront Café in Benson / Oxfordshire was extended by a PergoTex II pergola awning from weinor.

Daycare in Luxemburg: weather protection for more exercise

Ten PergoTex pergola awnings from weinor extend the play area at a children's daycare in Luxemburg.