Fabric qualities

Solution-dyed fabric

Solution dyeing for brilliant colour – the colours glow from the inside.


weinor's high-quality acrylic fabrics come with one outstanding property in particular: dirt has absolutely no chance.

10 Tips on awning fabrics

Awning fabric tips

The weinor "10 fabric awning tips" brochure provides answers to many questions and is invaluable in helping customers reach a decision.

Limits of manufacturing techniques

Over the past few years, weinor has succeeded in minimising fabric creasing.

Markisentücher Vertikalbeschattungen

Awning fabrics for vertical awnings

The following factors may influence the appearance with vertical awnings.

Changing the awning fabric

Bring out the freshness of colour on your patio. If you're looking for a new awning fabric, weinor is the place to be.


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