Shadow play beneath the louvred roof

Builder-owner Michael Fahnert has created a special kind of outdoor living room in the Cologne district Langel. In the middle of his large garden, a cubic louvred roof covers his rectangular pool and contemporary seating ensemble. Equipped with several extras for even more comfort and atmospheric feeling, the architectonic jewel from the manufacturer weinor transforms the site to a personal dream patio.

The shadow cast by the half-opened louvres portrays interesting light and dark contrasts on the patio and the water surface of the pool. Precisely this lighting mood is what Michael Fahnert particularly enjoys. It reminds you of the shadow play of venetian blinds in southern regions, spreading Mediterranean flair in the surroundings of the Rhineland. “With its linear design, the cubic roofing matches our garden excellently”, as the builder-owner reports. 

High-quality weather protection

As an outdoors fan, Michael Fahnert is in his garden almost daily, he nurtured the wish for reliable sun and weather protection made in Germany for a long time. Now, when it is raining, he can simply close his louvred roof via a hand transmitter and continue to spend his time on the patio, well-protected. As a weinor retailer Rolladen König, the expert in the field of shading is aware of the importance of effective UV radiation protection. Here, Artares provides highly flexible sun protection. Thanks to the rotatable louvres, light incidence can be regulated individually when the sun shines, thus offering effective UV protection irrespective of the sun’s position for staying outdoors carefree.

At the same time, the weather protection should also be equally variable and sturdy and meet high functional and aesthetic requirements. Therefore, the builder-owner grasped the opportunity shortly after the new louvred roof was launched on the market to fulfil the wish for his dream patio with a host of individual details. He decided in favour of the weinor product “due to the high quality standards and exclusive design”. Now, the elegant, 27 m2 patio roof spanning the spacious garden attracts everyone’s attention.

Always a good climate

Not only the light incidence, but also the temperature beneath the louvred roof can be regulated via remote control. If it gets too hot, Michael Fahnert simply opens the louvres and the heated air flows off upwards through the roof. This enables him to control the climate on his patio really easily via the opening angle of the louvres. Rainwater is diverted into the gutters via the slightly inclined roof and down through the posts.

Automatic control using sensor technology

For additional security, the patio roof Artares is also equipped with a weather sensor, which closes the louvred roof as of a specified threshold value in case of excessive sun or rain. In case of temperatures below zero and imminent danger of frost, the automatic system moves the louvres to a slightly tilted position so that they cannot freeze together. Also, if it snows, the louvres open automatically, thus reducing the load / pressure on the roof.

Sun protection and privacy thanks to vertical sun protection

Michael Fahnert has equipped his louvred roof with vertical sun protection in order to “protect himself against prying eyes or sun from the side.” They are also controlled by a hand transmitter and ensure more privacy in a jiffy as well as perfect protection against the low-lying sun. Moreover, the vertical sun protection creates a cosy evening atmosphere. A sophisticated design ensures that the side awnings disappear completely in the fascia, that is to say the roof frame, when retracting.

Pure atmosphere

The louvred roof not only provides interesting optical effects during the daytime. As Michael Fahnert also enjoys his evenings in the garden, he is happy that a wide range of colour moods is available for his patio roof. The posts and fascia of his louvred roof are equipped with high-quality coloured LED strips, enabling a huge spectrum of dimmable colour shades, LED strips in the louvres spread warm white light. He can operate them both easily by remote control. “This option is very important to me”, as the builder-owner emphasises. “Depending on the mood or occasion, I select the colour which matches best for me.” 

Would he recommend Artares? “Absolutely” is the prompt response, “if you like to spend a lot of time in the garden, it provides you with attractive and flexible sun and weather protection as well as the desired climate.”

weinor partner responsible: Rolladen König, Cologne

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The Artares louvred roof ensures a good bio-climate on your terrace thanks to natural ventilation through sophisticated slat technology.