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Opal Design II

Cassette awning that stands out for its timeless, classic design hand in hand with groundbreaking weinor technology.


Cubic design – the right solution for modern architecture.


Demanding cubic design for balconies and small patios

Cassita II

A slim, purist design — the perfect complement to modern home interior trends.

Semina Life

It's the all-rounder among cassette-awnings and impresses due to its modern, fresh design.

I/K/N 2000

This proven classic cassette awning can be used virtually anywhere.


The Semina combines a fresh, youthful design with proven technology and reliable quality.


High on quality, low on budget – the weinor Topas open awning is the perfect model to get you started.


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Patio awnings

Patios as additional living space, not just in summer. Our goal is to enable this dream for you. Whatever matters most for you – small, big, classic, modern – you can find your perfect sun protection awning for the patio at weinor. Be inspired by our enthusiasm for individual sun and weather protection!

Outdoor life with patio awnings

For outdoor enthusiasts, the right awning can transform the patio into a second living room during the lighter months. There is a wide choice of folding arm patio awnings to help you achieve this:

  • the Topas open awning
  • the Semina semi-cassette awning 
  • the cassette awnings Opal Design II, Kubata, Smaila, Cassita II, Semina Life and I / K / N 2000

All our patio awnings can also be fitted with LED lighting. All semi and complete cassette awnings and the Topas open awning can also be electrically operated.

Patio awnings at weinor: Find the model which meets your needs

Proven classic models are our folding arm awnings for providing shade on your patio. weinor offers a wide variety of these sun protection awnings, including open awnings and awnings with semi cassette and complete cassettes. Each of them has their own special features and an unmistakeable design – you are bound to find what you need!
If you have a large patio which you want to protect against the sun, in our assortment we also have timeless fabric patio roofs, modern glass patio roofs and an attractive louvred roof – weinor shapes your vision of beauty.

Lasting joy on your patio thanks to quality materials

During its operating life, an awning has to endure a lot: the sun’s UV radiation, the wind which tugs at it and a rain shower or two. This makes it all the more important for you to be able to rely on the quality of all components! Since it was founded in 1960 weinor has launched numerous innovations on the market and also kept continually investing in the development of new products. We ensure safety, durability, and a wide range of products with over 170 fabric designs and more than 200 frame colours. This means you can concentrate on pleasant things: dreaming, planning, enjoying.

Buy directly from a weinor retailer!

We cannot fulfil all of your dreams – but when it comes to awnings, we get pretty close to this. With weinor you have a strong, reliable partner at your side. Thanks to untiring efforts and constant striving for improvement, a small inventive craft company evolved into today’s market leader in north Europe for sun and weather protection on the patio. We have remained true to our roots, which means that from weinor you receive tested products with a certificate of authenticity, produced under stringent quality controls at our two German locations. Our products are exclusively sold and installed by perfectly trained specialist companies.

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Dreamlike fabrics in premium quality

‘My collections 2’ fabric collection from weinor offers 171 beautiful modern patterns for all lifestyles.

Huge range of frame colours

Choose your favourite from over 200 colour shades. weinor powder coating ensures premium quality.

Patio awnings: Good to know before you buy!

Benefit from the experience of our weinor retailers – up-to-date, professional and practical!

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What to do when it's freezing?
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It is better not to operate the awning in frosty conditions to prevent damaging any frozen components. However, if this is necessary in practice: it is better to keep an eye on the system! So you can stop quickly if something is frozen and prevent any damage. Our tip: Switch off the weather sensors on your product in frosty conditions to prevent it retracting and extending when you are not at home.

weinor Icons Wind
And in windy conditions?
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Awnings can also withstand higher wind speeds (please see the product data for details). Despite this, it is better to retract the awning before strong winds develop and keep it closed. This reduces the risk of your awning being damaged by strong gusts of wind. If you supplement your system with a wind sensor, it will do this job for you.

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It’s best to avoid wetness
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The awning’s basic function is to protect against sunlight and heat. It’s better to retract your sun protection when it’s raining. As wet fabrics may develop more wrinkling, water and mildew stains. It is also possible that honeycomb patterns may appear. If your awning does happen to get damp, it is best to extend it to dry out as soon as the weather has improved

weinor Icons Wetter
Fabrics react to the environment
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Fabrics reach to external conditions. If it is dry or damp, warm or cold outside, the awning fabric may shrink or expand – only minimally of course. The size of the system also plays a part. These external factors may cause waves and folds in the fabric. These folds are quite normal though and do not damage the awning.

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Avoiding transverse seams
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Fabrics are tailored to the system size. As not every type of fabric has the same width, this may result in transverse seams with the optional Valance Plus (for awnings Opal Design II and Semina Life). This depends entirely on which fabric you choose and what valance length you want. The best thing to do is to contact your weinor retailer beforehand and ask for advice on the most suitable type of fabric.

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Wrinkling – no need to worry!
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Some irregularities simply cannot be avoided due to environmental and production reasons – for example, creases, bulging and wrinkling due to the different winding diameter on the roller tube. Rippling and overstretching in the seam area or honeycombing may also occur. But we can reassure you: you are dealing with a high-performance fabric – small blemishes do not impair its functionality. They are therefore not a reason for rejection or grounds for complaint. More information at

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Quiet but not silent
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What one person finds loud and disturbing is barely perceptible to another. This also applies to the creaking noises your product makes. When the temperature changes, your awning’s material expands or contracts – a natural process that cannot be avoided. Noise also occurs when retracting and extending the awning, which can be louder or quieter depending on the building situation. In any case, the creaking and running noises do not affect your awning’s functionality.

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Keeping an eye on the product
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You should take a closer look at your awning every now and then: does everything look good and is it all firmly in place? If you notice anything wrong, contact your retailer for maintenance. It is advisable to clean your construction at least once a year, or even twice a year in the case of heavy use. Please refer to our “10 tips on awning fabrics” brochure for this.
Our tip: If you are not at home for a longer period of time, retract your awning and simply switch the automatic system to “OFF”. This will avoid the awning from being retracted and extended unsupervised.

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The awning that grows with you
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If, after installing your awning, you find that you would like to have even more comfort after all, additional products are available within weinor’s modular system and are easy to retro fit. Whether it is an automatic weather system, a heating system, lighting, a new fabric or vertical sun protection for the pergola awning – everything fits perfectly together. The additional options do of course have technical limits. Fortunately, these are just exceptions, which we are working on …

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Reliably weather sensitive
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Even if you don't have your awning in sight, weather sensors ensure that your radio-controlled awning can automatically extend when the sun is shining and retracts again when it is rainy or windy. As a result, the climate on the patio and indoors remains more pleasant. The risk of water or storm damage to your product can be reduced with the right sensor.

Compensating joints
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For an awning to work properly, all the components must work together in harmony. Even minor unevenness on the house wall can mean that awnings do not run as smoothly as they should. weinor awnings react to the condition of the installation surface and compensate for this if necessary. The joints that then appear do not have a negative effect on your awning’s function though – quite the opposite!

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Every weinor product has been delivered with a certificate of authenticity since January 2018.
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All the illustrated equipment is weatherproof outdoor furniture and accessories.