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Plaza Viva

Alfresco living in almost any weather conditions – whether it's sunny, windy or raining.

weinor PergoTex II

Discover the convertible feel. The elegant PergoTex protects against sun, wind and rain.


Thanks to its natural ventilation using sophisticated louvre technology, the Artares louvred roof ensures a healthy bioclimate on your patio.


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Pergola awnings

Take a break and a deep breath. That is possible far too rarely in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Therefore it is important that we create places to relax for ourselves, where we have our peace and quiet – ideally outdoors in the fresh air. Today alone with a book, tomorrow together with the family or good friends for a copious brunch. A pergola protects you against the direct sun on hot days and against the elements when it’s cool. Your rest periods outdoors are determined by your needs alone. Find out more about our weinor pergola awnings for your patio now!

Pergola awnings for your dream patio

Pergola awnings offer a popular alternative to classical patio and balcony awnings. With their post construction, they offer high wind stability and look elegant at the same time. You can piece your own individual pergola together with weinor. We offer:

  • Size variations: awnings which provide shade even for very large areas
  • Colour and pattern variations: a large selection of awning fabrics and frame colours
  • Additional elements: circumferential vertical awnings and for the weinor PergoTex II also all-glass elements for the sides
  • Further options: LED lighting, weather sensors, heating systems and also Valance Plus for Plaza Viva

Find the perfect pergola awning for your new favourite place online now.

Pergola awnings from weinor: Find the model which meets your needs!

With our pergola awnings, we would like to enable you to recuperate better in your own home. They create a secure atmosphere between your home and nature. To this end, our models boast different features and functions:

weinor PergoTex II: Pergola awning with convertible folding technology

The weinor PergoTex II pergola awning with its convertible folding technology is particularly flexible and can be comfortably extended and retracted. With an additional weather sensor, it even extends and retracts automatically, weather-dependent. Here, it can also remain extended when it’s raining: We use our own waterproof PVC fabric collection for the weinor PergoTex II. The integrated guttering system in the frame provides additional support.
By the way: If wanted, this pergola awning can also be extended with all-glass elements at the sides. They provide additional protection against the elements. 

weinor Plaza Viva: classical pergola

Time in the garden from the morning to the evening – also made possible by the weinor Plaza Viva pergola awning:

1. The posts can be attached sturdily to all suitable ground types, to wood-based and stone-based patios or on/in lawns. Existing foundations also don’t pose a problem.

2. The optional telescopic post can be lowered during light rain. Thus, the pergola awning is more than a mere provider of sun shade when it is sunny, but also provides rain protection in case of light showers.

Artares: Pergola awning with louvred roof

Our Artares louvred roof is the pergola awning with the little difference. 

  • Instead of an awning fabric, louvres with a pitch which can be regulated as desired, protect both against sun and rain.
  • This special pergola awning type can both be installed on a building facade and free-standing.

Best material for durable pergola awnings

When developing all our awnings, we always pay attention to three essential aspects: 

1. Design

2. Comfort 

3. Technology

Primarily, top quality materials are used. With these, we create top notch pergola awnings which are installed by trained weinor retailers. The high-quality weinor awning fabrics are dyed using spinneret-dyeing technology. This high-quality dyeing ensures lasting brilliant colours and special equipment enables top longevity.

Advantages of the pergola awnings from weinor

As opposed to folding arm awnings, pergola awnings provide even more stability and creative freedom. The stable construction methods ensure a feeling of security independent of the weather. Therefore, a pergola is also particularly suitable for the gastronomy sector. For private use, pergola awnings can expand your living space ideally – your living room is extended with an open and always airy recreation room on the patio. 

The most important questions regarding pergola awnings summarised for you

You would like to spend more time in your garden in particular during the summer months? A pergola provides more joy to your life. But before you purchase it, you may have several questions. We have compiled the most frequent questions for you. If you still have any open questions, our weinor retailers are happy to help you with comprehensive advice!

Do pergola awnings provide protection against the sun and rain?

The brief answer is yes. The stability of the design and also of the awning fabric for pergola awnings protect you against sun, wind and light to medium precipitation. In order to also protect yourself against a downpour from the side, you can even place additional all-glass elements on the pergola for the PergoTex II. Weather sensors automatically retract the awnings when the weather is bad and during strong wind. 

Moreover, the Pergona awning fabric used for the weinor PergoTex II is absolutely rainproof and does not go out of shape if water should occasionally collect on the pergola awning after a downpour. 

Is it more important to you that your pergola awning is more translucent? Our translucent Pergona fabric is up to 21% translucent.

Feel free to take advice from our weinor retailers regarding the options available..

In which sizes are the pergola awnings available?

Our objective is to enable you to enjoy more peace and quiet, time and fun outdoors. Therefore, our awnings can be configured flexibly in various colours, designs as well as individual sizes:

  • Pergola awning Plaza Viva: a maximum width of 6 m, a maximum projection of 5 m.
  • weinor pergola awning PergoTex II: a maximum width of 7 m, a maximum projection of 6.5 m.
  • Louvred roof-pergola Artares: a maximum width of the short side of 7 m, a maximum width of the long side of 4.5 m

You are looking for wider solutions? That is also possible. The pergola awnings can be adapted to local requirements as desired using multi-section units.

How is the pergola awning installed?

At weinor, awning planning is always in the hands of our experienced weinor retailers:

1. Prepare yourself for your purchase with our video“Explanatory video on buying a product”.

2. Take comprehensive advice from your weinor retailer, who will concentrate fully on your wishes.

3. Our retailers do professional site measuring at your home. They plan your pergola awning to fit perfectly, providing maximum stability and protection. Here, you are also provided with a cost and date proposal.

4. Our trained weinor retailers install your new pergola for you safely. It is attached to the building wall, the supports are fixed firmly into the ground. The louvred roof can even be installed free-standing if desired.

5. Questions arise after construction? Our weinor retailers also remain reliably at your side after purchasing!

How to purchase pergola awnings from weinor

Do you already have visions of your next summer? We can now fulfil them – this is how to purchase a weinor pergola awning:

1. Browse through our models and fall in love with them.

2. Find a specialist retail business nearby via our weinor retailer search.

3. Professional, individual advice from your weinor retailer.

4. Purchase your weinor pergola awning from the weinor retailer you trust.

5. Installation by the weinor retailer selected by you.

6. Your weinor retailer remains available for all queries regarding the product, for spare parts, repairs and similar topics.

You can find more information about this in our “Explanatory video on buying a product”.

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