Patio products from weinor have won prizes

In recent years, weinor won numerous design prizes for the superb design of its patio products. The awards confirm that the products we offer are not only high quality in technical terms, but also set high standards from a visual perspective.

These weinor products have won prizes:

  • The sustainable awning fabric collection modern basics blue®
  • The cubic cassette awning Kubata
  • The cubic glass patio roof Terrazza Pure
  • The vertical awning VertiTex II
  • The heating system Tempura Quadra
  • The full glass sliding door w17 easy
  • The cassette-awning Semina Life
  • The under-mounted conservatory awning Sottezza II
  • The Pergola awning weinor PergoTex II
  • The timeless and classic cassette awning Opal Design II
  • The sleek cassette awning Cassita II
  • The light-flooded Glasoase