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Beautiful awning fabrics in modern patterns and the latest trend colours: that's modern basics blue®, the new awning fabric collection from weinor. Because we are aware of our responsibility, we have produced these fabrics for you sustainably with 85% recycled PET – in our usual first-class quality of course. For the best possible outdoor living in your precious outdoor space.

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16 beautiful new patterns

Colourfast, durable, top quality

Produced in a resource-saving process

Made sustainably with 85% recycled PET

16 beautiful new patterns

A high aesthetic standard and popular patterns in the latest trend colours – that's what distinguishes the modern awning fabric collection from the weinor design studio.

In touch with the latest trends
Elegant shades of grey interact with bright summer colours. Plain colours, block stripes and creative design patterns impress with a fresh look.

Modern living
The latest patterns go perfectly with a contemporary furnishing style. If you value modern living, you will find your dream fabric here.

For almost all weinor sun protection
modern basics blue® can be used on all folding arm and conservatory awnings, the Plaza Viva pergola awning and the Paravento side awning from weinor.

Colourfast, durable, top quality

Colour fastness and brilliance
Unlike with yarn or piece dyeing, the colour pigment is already embedded in the fibre during spinneret dyeing – for consistent colour throughout. The effect: permanently bright colours that become a real experience when exposed to light.

State of the art
Innovative developments in yarn and weaving technology ensure the best possible fabric position. The weinor Memory-Effekt® ensures the fabric has a better rebound behaviour to return to its original state.

Top finish
The Teflon™ finish lets water and impurities simply roll off. This means lasting beauty, longer use and therefore a longer life.

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Important information
Fabric qualities: weinor awning fabrics meet strict quality requirements and are produced using state-of-the-art production technology. Despite this, blemishes like creases, rippling in the seam and hem area, overstretching in the hem area and honeycombing cannot be ruled out. This has no negative impact on the quality and operating life and are not a reason for rejection. For more detailed information:

Awnings and conservatory awnings: must be retracted during rain and windy conditions – otherwise there is a risk of water pooling on the fabric. Fabrics that are allowed to become wet may show creasing, wrinkling or honeycombing as well as having visible water stains. Mould and mildew damage is also a possibility. If taken away wet the awning should be extended as soon as possible once there are dry conditions.

Produced in a resource-saving process

Water consumption
For us, the responsible use of resources begins with the dyeing process. Spinneret dyeing drastically reduces water consumption compared to conventional yarn or piece dyeing.

Wasserverbrauch Grafik

Energy and CO₂ emissions
Significantly less energy has to be used to recycle PET than to produce it from scratch. At the same time, recycled PET causes significantly less CO₂ emissions – for a much smaller climate footprint.

Energieverbrauch Grafik CO2 Emissionen Grafik

Made sustainably with 85% recycled PET

We create something higher quality, long lasting out of plastic waste. That means: valuable materials are recycled, CO₂ emissions reduced and resources conserved. So not just recycling but upcycling!

GRS certification
modern basics blue® is the first awning fabric collection made with 85% recycled PET. The Tempotest® Starlight® blue sun protection fabric has been certified with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

High quality
Recycled PET is a first-class material. For this reason, the quality of the modern basics blue® collection is in no way inferior to the successful classic weinor awning fabric collection.

Natural heat protection
Automated sun protection systems prevent the overheating of living spaces and help reduce the energy required for air conditioning.

Always long-lastingt
weinor products have always been designed for maximum durability and longevity. An example? The extremely resilient weinor Longlife arm for awnings – the sustainability is already in the name.

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Produced with 85% recycled PET – tried and tested, certified quality
The modern basics blue® collection consists of Tempotest® Starlight® blue, a sun protection fabric certified according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) made with 85% recycled PET – for a better environmental balance in terms of water, energy and CO₂.

Find your dream fabric!

Entire collection Creative patterns Plain designs Plain linen-like designs Block designs

Tuchkollage Tuchkollage Tuchkollage Tuchkollage Tuchkollage

New creative patterns in popular colour combinations. For all those who like things a bit livelier, but do not want to do without a contemporary look.

Lively textured plain designs in timeless grey and sandy shades as well as a smooth plain design in modern petrol (blue-green). If you value modern living, you are in just the right place.

New plain designs with tough, raw linen-like structure (slub effect). These patterns are particularly insensitive and perfect for those who prefer a natural look.

The popular weinor block designs in 4 new versions – look forward to elegant shades with a colourful accent, which are particularly attractive on large installations.

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Pattern no. 8-100

Creative grey/yellow/white pattern

Pattern no. 8-101

Creative orange/yellow pattern

Pattern no. 8-374

Plain light grey pattern

Pattern no. 8-377

Plain grey pattern

Pattern no. 8-378

Plain dark grey pattern

Pattern no. 8-310

Plain anthracite pattern

Pattern no. 8-312

Plain petrol pattern

Pattern no. 8-300

Plain grey pattern in raw linen look

Pattern no. 8-301

Plain sunny yellow pattern in raw linen look

Pattern no. 8-302

Plain orange/red pattern in raw linen look

Pattern no. 8-311

Plain light beige pattern

Pattern no. 8-381

Plain beige pattern

Pattern no. 8-001

Grey/white block pattern with pinstripes

Pattern no. 8-002

Grey/orange block pattern with pinstripe

Pattern no. 8-003

Grey/petrol block pattern with pinstripes

Pattern no. 8-004

Grey/light blue block pattern with pinstripes

Sustainability matters!

With every awning fabric sold from the modern basics blue® collection used plastic is reintroduced into the recycling loop and put to new, higher quality use. See for yourself!

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Produced with 85% recycled PET – tried and tested, certified quality
The modern basics blue® collection consists of Tempotest® Starlight® blue, a sun protection fabric certified according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) made with 85% recycled PET – for a better environmental balance in terms of water, energy and CO₂.

How large is the awning fabric you want?


Your awning is made out of


PET bottles!

Example calculation: approx. equal parts of 1.5 l and 0.5 l disposable bottles

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gedrückte Flasche
große Flasche
gedrückte Flasche
mittlere Flasche
gequetschte Flasche

Turning waste into premium fabric

PET bottles are collected

PET bottles are transferred to the recycling loop and compressed into compact bales. This reduces the transport volume of the bottles considerably.

The recycling plant sorts and cleans the raw material

The sorting and thorough cleaning process takes place at the recycling plant. Then the material is shredded into small plastic flakes.

Plastic is melted down and chips are produced

The material is melted down and pressed through an extruder – a kind of industrial spaghetti press. The resulting plastic strands are cut into small pieces – the chips.

Spinneret dyeing ensures the deep embedding of the pigment

The colourless chips are melted down again and pigment is added to the melt. This means that the later fibre is consistently dyed throughout and the resulting fabric is permanently brilliant in colour.

Extruding the melt through nozzles produces continuous fibres

Now the coloured melt is pressed through spinnerets. Individual high-quality and elastic continuous filaments are produced.

The multifilament yarn is made from several continuous filaments

The multifilament yarn is produced by bringing together many continuous fibres and winding them onto bobbins. Differently coloured fibres produce a beautiful melange effect.

The material is woven and given a finish

Now a high quality Tempotest® fabric is made out of the yarn at the Italian weaving mill. The Teflon™ finish ensures a long service life.

The finished awning fabric is manufactured at the weinor sewing facilities

All awning fabrics are made to measure and tested in Germany by weinor. Once they have successfully passed the inspection, they receive a label with the recycling information.

Experience the awning fabrics live

How to get your dream fabric

Take your favourite pattern simply to your weinor retailer and partner. They will show you the new collection live and advise you in detail with regard to your requirements and wishes.

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Would you like to study the advantages of weinor's modern basics blue® fabric collection at your leisure? Then simply take a look at our elaborately designed brochure.

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An alliance for innovative fabrics

weinor design studio and Parà Tempotest®

The whole thing is more than just the sum of its parts. This is particularly true of the close collaboration between the weinor design studio and Parà Tempotest®.

The unique combination of a stylistically confident flair for trends with innovative material and process expertise has resulted in the ground-breaking modern basics blue® collection: aesthetically up to date, highly durable and responsible with regard to sustainability.

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