Sunny shades and other (power) colours

Collection part ‘hi hello’

Collection in the spotlight
Written by: Manuel Kubitza

If you like it colourful, you will always come up trumps with the lively ‘hi hello’ patterns. ‘hi hello’ is the colourful collection part of the new weinor ‘my collections 2’ fabric collection from weinor.

Radiant colours from yellow to orange bring sun to your patio. Intense apple green provides fresh accentuation on hot days. Summerly bright and simultaneously nice and cool, the transparent glacier blue. Soft purple, china blue or agave green adorn the outdoor living rooms of friends of soft pastel tones. Crimson shades from Bordeaux to Barolo spread indulgent luxury in the exterior area. 

Exclusive colourful patterns with a completely new fabric appearance

With its exclusive patterns from ‘my lines’, the weinor Design Studio has created a completely novel fabric appearance. The innovative appearance also exists for the lively colouring of the partial collection ‘hi hello’ in bright, sunny shades or trendy yellow-grey combinations. The individual awning fabric design stripes string the awning fabric patterns together like belts and give the impression in their loose sequence that the pattern is not repeated. The effect: a fabric pattern with a natural rhythm, equally lively and balanced. The distinct material nature of the fabrics with their material haptics spreads a homely atmosphere, otherwise more familiar from home textiles.. The innovative patterns arose in close collaboration with the Italian company Parà, one of the leading market producers of outdoor woven fabrics. 

Radiant yellow, orange and rust-coloured sunny tones

With their sunny atmosphere, awning fabrics in yellow and orange tones conjure heat to the patio – even if the sun occasionally forgets to shine. If so, the awning immerses furniture and equipment in golden light. Whether sunflower or corn yellow, vermilion or scarlet red, apricot or orange – all the shades are based on a warm colour climate. The bold colour shades match well with an extrovert outdoor lifestyle – absolutely perfect for summer parties, barbecue events or a sundowner for two.  

The ideal combination: grey, yellow, buttercream and white

With the buttercream shade, a new shade is used for the awning cloth pattern. The bright, creamy yellow provides grey tones with a lively touch without diminishing their timeless elegance. Used sparingly, it ensures friendly accentuation in the surrounding grey gradations, combined with vanilla and corn shades it emancipates itself as an independent fabric pattern in bright yellow nuances. Buttercream combinations fit in well with patio design where clarity does not relinquish living elements. 

Soft shades for atmospheric time on the patio

Colour can sometimes also find its way rather poetically, quietly and virtually on velvet paws. Transparent glacier blue, crystalline china blue, silver agave green or seaweed colours close to nature – if you like it harmonious and nonetheless wish for a touch of colour, you can find the fitting nuance in the ‘hi hello’ fabric collection.

Luxurious and pompous Crimson shades for sensory human-beings

The admixture of blue shades to red provides wonderful, soft red wine and precious gem nuances. We associate purple, violet and crimson with values such as luxury, fantasy and sorcery. If you enjoy indulging in sumptuous colours, you are well-advised to select an awning fabric from the ‘hi hello’ awning fabric collection. Lively-structured surfaces ensure that the exquisite shades are both fresh and modern.

Cool accents in green and blue

Attention, pool water nymphs and water sprites: weinor has several fresh colours which at least mentally pre-empt cooling-off in the pool. Whether shimmering turquoise or deep ocean blue – all friends of aquatic shades get their full money’s worth. The fresh scale is completed with lush greens which provide the patio with a natural touch. From a fern to a leaf, from a spruce to a fir tree, all tastes are accommodated here.