A completely new fabric appearance

Exclusive ‘my lines’ awning materials

Collection in the spotlight
Written by: Manuel Kubitza and Claudia Geuer

With the exclusive ‘my lines’ awning fabrics, the weinor Design Studio has created product innovations which likely had not yet existed: via an equally architectonic and homely approach, the fabrics, which are exclusively available from weinor, bring the latest interior deign trends to the patio. The exclusive patterns are only available from weinor.

The individual stripes string the awning fabric patterns together like grosgrain ribbon. Therefore, the ‘my lines’ collection fabrics are closer to the appearance of high-quality interior decor fabrics as for upholstery or cushions than for commonplace awning materials. At the same time, most of the designs give the impression that the pattern is not repeated. This provides the fabric design a natural rhythm, the stripe sequence is lively and balanced at the same time. The innovative patterns were developed by the weinor Design Studio in close collaboration with the Italian company Parà, one of the European market leaders for outdoor woven fabrics.  

Awning fabric innovation – the challenge

To-date, only three types of awning fabric patterns existed: single-colour, block or fantasy stripes. With its exclusive ‘my lines’ acrylic fabrics, the weinor Design Studio has now created an innovative combination of woven structure and colour scheme. 
To-date, fantasy stripes incorporated simple colour gradients and a clearly recognisable repeated pattern was in the foreground. With ‘my lines’, fabrics have now been created with an architectonic touch and due to their clearly separated stripes radiate atmosphere and homeliness at the same time. 

For some patterns, this multi-stripe concept is moved so far to the background that they look like lively single-colour surfaces. For identical weave of the individual stripes, their structures are offset against each other so that they can even be distinguished in a single-colour fabric. Here, the basic line grid used for all designs enables the harmonious connection of a single-colour and a striped fabric – for example for an awning with additional vertical sun protection. 

The distinct material nature of the fabrics meets the homeliness needs of the users who increasingly view their patio as an outdoor living room. 

Harmonious shades of grey and beige for classicists and stylistic purists

The synthesis of elegant shades of grey and beige inspired by rock formations and minerals forms a focus of ‘my lines’. Whilst the users used to have to decide between grey and beige, the merging of individual stripes as taupe, sand and greige has created colour combinations which combine both wishes. The timeless, modern shades create a peaceful atmosphere and are appropriate for a harmonious, homely outdoor ambience.  

Grey and buttercream – elegance meets liveliness

With buttercream, a new colouring is used for the awning fabric pattern. The bright, creamy yellow provides grey shades with a lively touch without influencing their timeless elegance. Used sparingly, it ensures friendly accentuation in the surrounding grey gradations. Combined with vanilla and corn shades it emancipates itself as an independent fabric pattern in bright yellow nuances. Buttercream combinations fit in well with patio design where clarity does not wish to relinquish living elements. 

Sunny and bright – modern orange and rust shades

The stripes have a completely different look in a sunny atmosphere: With warm colouring such as orange, corn and terracotta, they lend the patio design a Mediterranean touch. Taking up the classical awning fabric colours does justice to the great popularity of the summer shades, but also provides them with a modern component. The strong colouring is well-suited to an extrovert outdoor living concept and enable the next patio party to appear in a particularly flattering light. 
Whether the preference is for classical, timeless colours or lively, sunny shades – the exclusive ‘my lines’ fabrics have something for all tastes.