Timeless and harmonious

Collection part ‘evermore’

Collection in the spotlight
Written by: Manuel Kubitza

Dreamlike beige and grey nuances: Fans of classical colouring get their full money’s worth with the 81 timeless awning fabrics belonging to the weinor ‘evermore’ collection. Innovative patterns with novel structures provide timeless, harmonious fabrics in beige and grey with that certain je ne sais quoi. The new interpretation of the trend topic grey relieves the puristic colour of its stringency and conjures cosiness to the patio.

Architectonic clarity + vivid material = homeliness

Friends of awnings used to have to decide between a range of grey and beige. Now, with taupe, sand and greige, they also receive combinations which combine both wishes. With a touch of colour, the architectonic clarity of grey is retained, but at the same time considerably more cosiness is incorporated. Interestingly structured surfaces liven up the awning fabric.

Exclusive grey-beige patterns with a completely new fabric appearance

With its innovative, exclusive designs from ‘my lines’, the weinor Design Studio has created a completely novel fabric appearance. The designs, exclusively available from weinor, are offered in selected colouring. Six elegant shades of grey and beige inspired by rock formations, mussels and minerals form a focus. 

The individual stripes string the awning fabric patterns together like belts. Therefore, the ‘my lines’ fabrics are closer to the appearance of high-quality interior decor fabrics as for upholstery or cushions than for commonplace awning materials. At the same time, most of the designs give the impression that the pattern is not repeated. This provides the fabric design a natural rhythm, the stripe sequence is lively and balanced at the same time. The distinct material nature of the fabrics with their material haptics ensures homeliness.

Micro2Macro – new rhythmic single-colour fabrics

The new Micro2Macro patterns are structured according to the same principle, but as lively single-colour or block stripes interrupted by fine pinstripes. Here, too, the stripes are strung together like individual belts – they each have their own internal structure. The effect: liveliness and therefore a rhythmic colour field. Soft shades of grey such as pearl, mineral, moon and graphite provide the patio with elegancy. 

New wild silk: single-colours with pinstripes and character

The new wild silk fabrics with their grey and sand-coloured shades are also good for a surprise with their new fabric appearance. Thickening of the warp threads as opposed to the accustomed wefts is characteristic for the innovative woven fabric. Therefore, a structure in the awning’s direction of projection is achieved which elegantly guides the observer’s view towards the garden and its surroundings. 

The single-colour fabrics are perfect for purists who are looking for a flat fabric without any patterns but don’t want to do without a vivid structure. Further wild silk fabrics have a subtle pinstripe which makes the large surface area of the fabric less monotonous and provides it with its own rhythm.  

Near-natural structures with Lumera leaf

Lumera leaf has a similarly emphasised course of the thread in the direction of projection. With irregular dark and light accentuated threads, it creates a shimmering effect, like leaves moving in the wind. Therefore, a near-natural look arises, which ensures relaxation and well-being on the patio. Its attention to detail for homeliness bubbles over from close-by, its vivid structure melts to a uniform colour at a distance.   

Whether single-colour, pinstripes or exclusive patterns – the ‘evermore’ part of the collection transforms classical colouring to modern living companions for the patio. All fans of timeless patterns can find the awning fabric of their dreams here.