Precisely my fabric!

‘my collections 2’ awning fabric collection

Collection in the spotlight
Written by: Christine Mangold

The 171 fabric-strong, three-part my collections 2’ awning fabric collection from the weinor Design Studio offers everything you need for modern outdoor living. It captures the interior design trends with innovative structures and patterns. Twelve patterns exclusively available from weinor provide a special highlight.

The three partial collections from ’my collections 2’, the sustainable fabrics from ‘‚modern basics blue®’, the beige-grey ‘evermore’ and colourful ‘hi hello!’ patterns

Patios are being used increasingly as outdoor living rooms. With consequences for the awning fabric: the aesthetic requirements of outdoor textiles are on the increase.  With ‘my collections 2’, the weinor Design Studio shows how modern high-quality acrylic and polyester functional fabrics meet all resilience and durability requirements whilst fulfilling new aesthetic expectations. If you purchase an awning or would like new awning material, you no longer need to decide in favour of a material - except for the sustainable fabrics - but solely for your favourite pattern. 

Current market and trend analyses formed the basis for the development of the collection.  Due to their extensive range of colours and structures, the awning fabrics do justice to the most diverse of stylistic preferences. With their versatility, they match modern houses just as well as buildings with a more classical touch. 

Completely new fabric appearance – the exclusive ‘my lines’ fabrics

“To-date, fantasy stripes incorporated simple colour gradients and a clearly recognisable pattern repetition was in the foreground”, as Manuel Kubitza, Creative Director at weinor and the brain behind the weinor Design Studio reports. “Following detailed observation of the market, we have created ‘my lines’ fabrics with an architectonic touch due to their clearly separated stripes, which radiate atmosphere and homeliness at the same time.” For some patterns, this multi-stripe concept is moved so far to the background that they look like lively single-colour surfaces. No matter how accentuated the contrast is – the pronounced materiality of the fabrics always corresponds with the users’ requirements for homeliness on the patio. Development of the fabrics, which are exclusively available from weinor, took place in close collaboration with the Italian fabric producer Parà Tempotest, with whom weinor has already worked for many years.

Naturalness and haptic pleasure with the new structured fabrics

Fabrics with distinct textures lend the collection its very charming nature. Their interesting surfaces ensure a natural touch. The differently wide structural stripes of the Micro2Macro fabric remind us of the finned surface of grosgrain ribbon. They also form the basis for the exclusive ‘my lines’ patterns. New wild silk is a further innovation. The woven fabric with irregular thickening of the warp threads shows structural courses in the direction of projection of the awning. Also, the textures of the newly added Lumera leaf run in the direction of projection. Here, the mixture of woollen and glossy yarn provides a high-quality fabric appearance. 

Whether timeless or lively – colours for all stylistic preferences

The collection part ‘evermore’ offers plenty of beige and grey shades. With these, it spreads timeless elegance on the patio. In particular in mixed shades such as greige, sand or stone, naturalness finds its way into the architectonically clear grey. 

If you like it more lively, the collection part ’hi hello!’ provides colour to your heart’s desire. Whether sunny yellow and orange and brick shades or a natural green – everyone can find their favourite nuance here.

The colour combination of yellow and grey provides a special highlight. It also creates tantalising contrasts without many differences between bright and dark. The sunny, bright yellow simply conjures the most beautiful light to the patio. Combined with modern, cool grey it thus forms fascinating suspense. 

The new trend colour buttercream is a white shade with yellow nuances. The touch of colour breaks the harshness of white down and lends the colour a creamy glaze. With this, it provides ample light to the awning fabric without exercising a chilly effect. 

More choice for sustainable recycled fabrics

With modern basics blue, weinor launched the first sustainable awning fabric collection for outdoor use on the market with sun protection woven fabric Tempotest® Starlight® Blue in 2021, which is certified with 85 percent recycled PET in accordance with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The collection was also developed in collaboration between the weinor Design Studio and Parà Tempotest. With 28 fabrics. it has now be extended to become a comprehensive partial collection for the most varied of customer wishes.

Thanks to the recycling of disposable bottles, production of the high-quality polyester fabric uses some 60 percent less energy and causes around 45 percent less CO2emission than the production of other polyester fabrics. The spinneret dyeing used in all weinor awning fabrics also requires around 90 percent less water than conventional yarn or piece dyeing. In terms of its product properties, modern basics blue® is in no way inferior to the durable polyester fabrics in the existing weinor fabric collection. The sustainable awning fabrics have already been accoladed with seven prizes, including the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award. 

With ‘my collections 2’, the weinor Design Studio has originated an awning fabric collection which creates the aesthetic connection between living textiles and awning fabrics. It therefore corresponds to the current living trend of merging indoor and outdoor rooms. Its diverse structures, colours and patterns enable everybody to find the fabric of their dreams.