Tips concerning fabric care

Special equipment ensures a long operating life for the awning fabric and lets impurities roll off in the long-term (Teflon™ for Parà and TEXgard for Sattler).


Rain and other liquids don't cling onto the woven fabric but simply flow off it, leaving no traces whatsoever.


The invisible impregnation* not only hinders watery dirt but also oil-based impurities. The nature of the surface coating is such that unwelcome deposits simply won't stick.

In order to provide users the best possible security when enjoying the patio, the ‘my collections 2’ fabrics are certified according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and guarantee the best possible sun protection with UV radiation shielding of at least 93.3 percent.

Fabric care tips

Primarily, it is important that you neither rub your awning fabric nor brush it too hard. Otherwise, the high-quality outfit, which ensures that the woven fabric remains attractive in the long-term, is affected. If you own an open awning, you can retract it so far that the soiled spot can be easily accessed from beneath it on the wound up fabric. For all other awnings, it is necessary to work from above. High-pressure cleaners should never be used – they damage the fabric.

Should isolated soiling nevertheless occur, you might find the following tips useful:

  • Avoid moisture. Only retract wet awnings in exceptional cases and make sure that you allow the fabric to dry out fully at the next best opportunity.
  • Vacuum pollen and loose dirt with the vacuum cleaner’s upholstery brush or lift it off cautiously with adhesive tape 
  • In case of persistent dirt, moisten the fabric with clear water to soften dried stains 
  • Use lukewarm water with a maximum of 40 °C and 5 to 10 percent solution with mild detergent 
  • Apply the foam to the fabric with a sponge, do not rub it in! 
  • After an application time of 15 to 20 minutes, rinse it with ample clear water and then let the fabric dry

* Please note that the level of impregnation will decline over time.