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Patio and balcony awnings

Opal Design II

Cassette awning that stands out for its timeless, classic design hand in hand with groundbreaking weinor technology.


Cubic design – the right solution for modern architecture.


Demanding cubic design for balconies and small patios

Cassita II

A slim, purist design — the perfect complement to modern home interior trends.

Semina Life

It's the all-rounder among cassette-awnings and impresses due to its modern, fresh design.

I/K/N 2000

This proven classic cassette awning can be used virtually anywhere.


The Semina combines a fresh, youthful design with proven technology and reliable quality.


High on quality, low on budget – the weinor Topas open awning is the perfect model to get you started.

Pergola awnings

Plaza Viva

Alfresco living in almost any weather conditions – whether it's sunny, windy or raining.


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Awnings with rafter brackets

Rafters are the supporting elements for a roof and are aligned from the eaves to the ridge. Normally, they protrude beyond the outer walls of the building. An awning with rafter brackets is attached precisely to these beams. Therefore, these models are particularly suitable for small, roofed balconies. However, rafter brackets can also be installed above patios, if a roof surface has been moved down considerably and thus form the basis for patio awnings.

Rafter bracket awnings: From weinor for you

If you are looking for an awning with a rafter bracket, weinor is the right partner. Our retailers enable you to experience our products live and accompany you from planning to installation. At the same time, you can individualise your future awning in many ways with stylistic and technical elements. You want to know how? Read on and discover how!

When is rafter installation appropriate?

The classical installation of awnings is on the wall. However, if there are freely accessible rafters on your building rafter installation may be a viable option. Benefit: The roof overhang provides additional protection of the awning against the elements.

Awnings with rafters made-to-measure

So that your awning and its attachment match your construction situation perfectly, weinor awnings are made-to-measure for you. A standard version could be too small or large for the area to be covered. Save the frustrating search for a fitting article and start awning planning directly with your own dimensions.

Versatile awnings with rafter installation

A rafter bracket is highly versatile and therefore offers you the possibility to have different awning models installed. Here are just a few examples:

  • Folding arm awnings are classics and happily used on patios and balconies. For example, our open awning Topas can be mounted on rafters.
  • Or choose between our rafter bracket awnings with a full cassette, such as our Opal Design II, Kubata, Cassita II, I / K / N 2000 and Semina Life. The full cassette awning Smaila is perfect for modern, small patios and balconies.
  • Equally, our semi-cassette awning Semina can be effortlessly installed on the rafter.
  • Also, our pergola awning Plaza Viva offers the possibility of installation on the rafter.

As you can see, various different awning types can be installed on the rafters. Simply choose your favourite model!

We answer your questions regarding rafter bracket-awnings

Before you purchase an awning installed with rafter brackets, you should find our whether this model really tallies with your construction situation. We would like to help you with this. That is why we have answered some of the most frequent questions regarding awnings with rafter brackets in advance.

How do you install rafter brackets?

You need not do anything because all of our awnings are expertly installed for you by our retailers. This takes place as follows:

1. Before your new awning is attached, the rafter bracket is installed. Firstly, dimensions are taken for the height and positioning of the awning. Thus, we can find out where the attachment should be installed and holes are pre-drilled.

2. Then, the rafter brackets are attached and aligned.

3. Following this, the awning is installed by placing the awning bracket on the rafter brackets. This is then secured again with screws and aligned correctly.

What is the benefit of weinor awnings with a view to rafter installation?

  • The rafter bracket attachment points are defined irrevocably by the position of the rafters. A great benefit of the customised weinor awnings is that they can easily be adapted to these individual conditions.

Which criteria must be observed when purchasing an awning with a rafter bracket?

If you decide in favour of the installation type rafter bracket for your awning, it is important to observe the following criteria when purchasing:

  • Check whether the rafters on which the awning is to be attached are also stable and safe because an awning can weigh in excess of 100 kg. Therefore, also observe the maximum load-bearing weight of your rafter bracket.
  • Also, ensure that the screws to be used for installation are large enough for your rafters .
  • Check prior to purchasing whether the awning model you would like is compatible with rafter brackets.

Choose rafter bracket-awnings from weinor!

You can find both manual and electrical awnings in our wide range with numerous possible installation types. One of these is fixing the awning with rafter brackets. Decide in favour of a model from weinor, because you can adapt its design and technology precisely to your needs. Start your construction project with weinor and you can soon look forward to your awning with a rafter bracket.

It’s so easy to purchase your awning from weinor:

1. Find a local weinor retailer.

2. Your weinor retailer will advise you in detail with regard to all models and installation options.

3. Your new awning with a rafter bracket is directly installed at your home by the retailer.

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