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Your weinor specialist

8 , Z.A.Giällewee

9749 Fischbach/Clervaux


Novum AG
8 , Z.A.Giällewee
9749 Fischbach/Clervaux

Why do I need a weinor retailer?

Why do I need a weinor retailer?

Where do I buy a weinor product? Who is my contact person? You can find out this and much more in our video.

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The dispatch of the requested information is automated.
Therefore, please ensure that your contact details are complete and correct.

Note about your message:
Everything you write to the weinor team reaches us and is processed as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, however, there may be delays at the moment.

Important: Price information and advice on weinor products can only be obtained from your specialist dealer, not from weinor. And likewise:
  • Offers for weinor products
  • Advice on a specific patio or balcony project
  • Advice on individual weinor products
  • Questions about your mounted awning or patio roof from weinor
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We kindly ask you to accept that we are only able to forward your data to the retailers in your vicinity and provide you with the details of an appropriate retailer if you fill in the following compulsory fields for us and submit the declaration of agreement provided below.

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The disclosure of your contact data is required solely for the purpose of contacting you and for answering your request, or for us and our retailers to provide the information material you request. The weinor partner is your local retailer. Your contact data will only be passed on to recipients required to fulfil a certain purpose (e.g. shipping service providers). No third parties have any further legitimate interest. Further information on the processing of your data and your rights as a data subject can be found in the privacy statement on our website.