weinor quality

High-grade, innovative products and excellent service for discerning customers – this is what weinor is all about. Whilst many competitors talk of quality, weinor is already delivering it, and doing so out of true conviction and passion. The company’s engineers and technicians alike are quality fanatics – working as they do to serve the customer. After all, the customer expects to enjoy the sun protection products for as long as possible.

With this in mind, all the screws and bolts found in weinor products are, needless to say, made of stainless steel. The arm joints in the flat awnings are made of a special, nonrusting, drop-forged aluminium alloy. The open-link chain in the arm joint is made of high-grade, non-rusting round steel. This means that they can stand up to the harshest of weather conditions. What’s more, since weinor products undergo a special powder coating process in façade quality, they are supplied with an effective weatherproof and anti-corrosion coating.

That's why you won't find weinor in your DIY store.

DIY awnings, located between pots of paint and sandpaper, are not what we stand for. As one of Germany's leading awning manufacturers, we depend on top quality products. You can only buy weinor awnings from dealers, with assembly included and carried out professionally and in compliance with statutory regulations. After all, we stand to lose our good name as a superior quality brand.

What this means for you in a nutshell: weinor provides tailor-made sun protection solutions. Our wide range of products means we can fulfil just about any wish. So, every awning to leave our works is a unique unit, matched to your personal wishes and the building conditions.

Our awnings are sold exclusively through specialist dealers. That way, everything from advice to installation is in the capable hands of one supplier. Unlike the "DIY method", it can save you a lot of annoyance and frustration.


An original product with certainty: only genuine with the weinor certificate of authenticity

As a customer you receive the weinor certificate of authenticity for your purchased product since January 2017 to certify the originality of weinor products. So you can be sure that you're receiving a 100% weinor product and ensuring your product's resale value.

Each weinor product is developed, designed and produced exclusively and individually for you in Germany. German production and the use of high-quality materials make your weinor product unique.

So ask your weinor retailer for your weinor certificate of authenticity!