Company philosophy

With effective and modern production methods and an optimum price-performance ratio, weinor will win you over. At the same time, we always focus on the customer's needs. For more than 50 years one of our declared aims has been to provide a better quality of life around the house and garden. Creating a comfortable atmosphere with products which blend harmoniously into the areas of sunshine and greenery, light and shade – that is the challenge weinor has been pleased to set itself.

High quality innovative products and a very high standard of service for demanding customers – that is what weinor stands for. While many competitors speak of quality, weinor provides it, and we do so with conviction and passion. Our technicians and engineers are quality enthusiasts – serving the customer.

The consumer behaviour of patio owners has changed in the course of time. The patio wants to be used more often than just in summer. weinor's products establish these conditions, as the business is specialised on complete solutions: The customer can obtain everything from a single supplier and therefore has the ability to fulfil his individual dream of a world of terraces with products from weinor. Be it sun protection in form of classical awnings, or in form of patio roofs and conservatories – according to requirements. When equipped with additional options, such as heating and light, the products turn into lifestyle products with year-round- function.