FAQ - Frequent questions

Here you find solutions for potential 

Description Cause Solution
Awning does not react to a signal from the handset Power supply interruptet Check powersupply and re-establish
  Batteries of handset empty insert new Batteries
  Remote receiver is not learned in Learn in remote receiver
Motor runs the wrong direction rotating direction are wrong programmed Delete and reprogramm handset
No remote reception Highfrequenz disruption of any kind i.e. Buildings and vegetation of any kind, conducting metals that are close to the receiver Influence of the remotes by radiance of the antenna and the distance between Sender or receiver to conducting surfaces ( also human body or regular floor.)
Bad remote Signal Devices which are operating on the same or close frequenz can limit the usage or distance. In realtime usage the remote reception is reduced when operating through walls , ceiling etc….
  Broadband issues. In densed city regions the broadband signal can be influenced and the range can be limited. Do not place multiple BiRec on/off beside each other as they can influence each other accordingly ( min. Distance 0,5 m)