Purchase and maintenance of weinor products

Awnings, patio roofs and Glasoasen® can always be purchased directly from one of our approved specialist partners from within the trade. Our approved weinor dealers provide comprehensive advice and have the necessary expertise how to professionally carry out all elements involved in the supply of state of the art weinor products. From initial enquiry, survey and ordering through to final installation.

What does the weinor specialist dealer offer me?

They are your contact for:

  • Advice on your desired weinor product
  • Advice on your own unique bespoke solution
  • Advice on your structural conditions on site
  • Prices and detailed quotation preparation
  • Installation and maintenance of your weinor product
  • Questions and wishes after the purchase

The weinor specialist dealer will be happy to advise you and knows the answers to your questions. Their friendly and reliable team ensure that the work is carried out on time and in accordance with weinor approved methods.

What benefits does the weinor specialist retailer offer me?

  • weinor products are always available in your area.
  • weinor retailers and partners receive regular training and work in a professional manner.
  • weinor retailers and partners always find the right solution, even with difficult installation situations (e.g. mounting on facades) or programming electronics.
  • If you have any questions or complaints, weinor retailers and partners can assist you further quickly. They are familiar with your project and respond immediately.

How can I find a weinor specialist partner?
Simply click here. Fill out the form first so that we can find a weinor specialist partner near to you. You only receive the addresses of qualified businesses.

Who is my contract partner?
By buying a weinor product, you have entered into a legally binding contract with a weinor specialist retailer. It is therefore important that you always stick with them regarding any matters to do with your weinor product.

We are of course happy to provide information about weinor products and put you in touch with a weinor specialist retailer on our hotline number +41 (0)221-597 09-211.

Who do I contact if I have any enquiries?
For complaints and enquiries regarding your current weinor product you must contact the specialist partner who installed the construction. They will then contact weinor, if necessary, depending on whether it is a complaint about the installation or product.

weinor specialist retailers are therefore the first choice when it comes to weinor awnings, patio roofs and Glasoasen®.

The weinor specialist partner will also answer your questions about:

  • Warranty and guarantee
  • Care and maintenance of weinor products
  • Expanding your current weinor system
  • Technical details

What should I do if I'm having problems with the weinor retailer and partner?

If you should happen to be unhappy with how a weinor retailer and partner is dealing with your business, you are welcome to let us know. In this case send us an email at service service(at)weinor.de. We will then definitely look into the matter. As we are very interested in maintaining the highest possible standard in the quality chain from the weinor production site to you.

We and our retailers and partners are of course also grateful for any positive feedback!

You haven't found a weinor retailer and partner yet?

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weinor Showroom

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