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Weather protection for more exercise

Ten PergoTex pergola awnings from weinor extend the play area at a children's daycare in Luxemburg. The children can now act out their urge to move around in bad weather too. The installing company was the weinor retailer and partner Ziewers Wintergarten GmbH.

Children need lots of movement and fresh air. But what good is the most beautiful outdoor area if the weather doesn't play ball. Then the kids have to stay indoors if they like it or not. The daycare facility Maison Relais Renert in Luxembourg's Berbourg was all too familiar with precisely this problem. As the facility's roughly 250 boys and girls only had limited space to play indoors. A large outdoor area with patio and playground was available but could only be used in dry weather. Drastic limits were therefore set on the urge to move. The daycare facility's rooms are also south-facing. They became unpleasantly hot during the warm months. It was therefore decided to use a construction that offers reliable protection from above so that the children can use the patio for longer. The weinor retailer and partner Ziewers Wintergarten GmbH then received the contract to install a weather protection construction in 2015.

Protection for indoors and outdoors

CEO Werner Ziewers had just the right solution up his sleeve. He offers to install a PergoTex pergola awning from weinor. A Ziewers employee presented the weather protection concept at a meeting on site. The folding awning serves as a patio roof and keeps the patio dry in rain too with its waterproof fabric. At the same time, PergoTex offers reliable sun protection, not just on the patio to protect the children against too much harmful UV light but also indoors where they contribute to ensuring a moderate temperature and thus improve the indoor climate. If more light is required on the patio or in the room, the pergola awning is simply opened fully. The ten constructions can be operated really conveniently together or individually using the hand-held radio transmitter.

Professionally installed

The two municipalities responsible for the educational institute, Bech and Manternach, merged under the name Synecosport, were really taken by the solution. Which is why they opted to use the weather protection system from weinor. In two construction phases the patio of one building complex was fitted with the pergola awning, the other part of the building some time later. The patio was covered over a length of roughly 50 metres in total. There were quite a few challenges to overcome in the process. For example, installation on the exterior wall was out of the question as the insulated facade was not to be damaged. Therefore only a self-supporting construction was feasible. A supporting post also had to be fixed to a wall. The team from Ziewers mastered all the obstacles confidently and installed the pergola awning to the complete satisfaction of everyone involved. "It is great to see that our children now have much more space to play and can safely stay in the fresh air for a longer time, even in the winter or if the weather is not that great during the summer months. The awning construction is an obvious improvement to the quality of life and work for both the children and teachers," says Diana Gliebe, head of the facility.

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