Pergola awning projects

Göbel’s Schlosshotel “Prinz von Hessen”: pergola awning for the restaurant area

DSC 0400 klein

The 5-star Hotel Prinz von Hessen in Friedewald near Bad Hersfeld has covered its restaurant patio with two pergola awnings from weinor.

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Landhaus Milser / Duisburg: a pergola awning extends the dining area

Teaserbild Pergolamarkise Landhaus Milser

The hotel which is owned by the former German weightlifting world champion and Olympic medallist Rolf Milser has been equipped with a three-piece wide PergoTex pergola awning from weinor.

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Pergola awnings in Papenburg: patio roofing for the horticultural show

Teaserbild PergoTex Papenburg

The Lower Saxony horticultural show in Papenburg equipped its open air stage with the PergoTex pergola awning from weinor in 2014.

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Waterfront Café / Great Britain: weather protection by the water

Teaserbild Waterfront Cafe

The protected patio area at the Waterfront Café in Benson / Oxfordshire was extended by a PergoTex II pergola awning from weinor.

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Daycare in Luxemburg: weather protection for more exercise

Kita Luxemburg

Ten PergoTex pergola awnings from weinor extend the play area at a children's daycare in Luxemburg.

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