Building upgrade with balcony glazing and sun protection

The balconies of 72 apartments in a building complex in Åsgårdstrand on Norway's Oslo Fjord have been upgraded with all-glass slide-and-turn constructions and vertical awnings from the manufacturer weinor. This has resulted in a considerable increase in the property's residential value.

When winter approaches in the North, the days there invariably get very short. To aid their physical and mental well-being, it is therefore all the more important for the people there to get as much natural light as possible, especially at that time of year. The designers from the Breidablikk Åsgårdstrand housing association are also certain to have had this aspect in mind when they awarded the contract to renovate a four-section building complex dating from the 1960s with some 72 apartments Åsgårdstrand, Norway. Among other fixtures and fittings, the w26-c series multi-utility slide-and turn partitions have now gone into use on the balconies. With these all-glass systems, the residents can use their outdoor area for far longer both in the summer and when it rains, and also during the colder times of the year. They are therefore able to extend their living space for much longer time over the course of the year. At the same time the users have the feeling of being outdoors thanks to the frameless glazing on the sides. The glass panels also absorb sound.

Possible to open the glass elements fully

The w26-c multi-utility slide-and-turn partition runs on one narrow guide rail, and therefore adapts to the majority of existing balcony balustrades. The benefit of the system is that the glass panels are easily pushed fully to the side or round the corner, and can be turned into the parked position to save space. They can also be completed guided around the corners. In doing so, the opening direction can be to the left, right or even both sides. By opening them fully, the user experiences that open air feeling of a balcony. The construction can be closed again quickly if the weather changes. The parked position is also ideal for easily cleaning the glass panels.

Fit – attach – adjust – ready

The first step with the installation by the weinor partner Hogstad Simon AS was to mount the top and bottom guide rails. It is important to ensure perpendicular installation. Another important aspect is the bolting. This has to be able to absorb winds, among other things. During the fine adjustment of the construction, allowances for the structural attachment can be compensated for using the height adjustment profile on the guide rail. The height adjustment of the supporting drive mechanism allows for the leafs to be aligned parallel to one another.

Reliable sun protection thanks to vertical awnings

Last but not least, it was necessary to shade the property due to the dazzling sun often falling at an angle. It also protects the glazed balcony area from overheating. The VertiTex system from weinor which is used in Åsgårdstrand is equipped with a rope guide and can be mounted in various ways. The dainty housing forms a harmonious whole with the glazing. And the high-quality, dirt and water repellent fabric visually enhances the building facade. The result is that the once dated building now looks more beautiful to observers, the quality of living is better for the users, and the operator will benefit from a profitable investment. 

weinor partner involved in this project: Hogstad Simon AS

Photos: weinor / Hogstad Simon AS