weinor Livona awning
Glare protection against the midnight sun

weinor also has a presence with its products in the Far North. A residential complex in Bergen, Norway was outfitted with 140 open folding arm awnings from the Livona series.

The Scandinavian countries are known for their high expectation with regard to design. There was a decision to use the puristic Livona awning, where lots of fabric is visible, in the rehabilitation of a three-part residential complex in Bergen, Norway, not least because of this. The awning has already won two important design awards, the Red Dot Award 2014 Honourable Mention and the iF Design Award 2015.

Reliable awning for northern nights

The decision to equip the 140 residential units with awnings primarily has to do with the Nordic summer. In Bergen, in the early summer, the sun only sets after 11 p.m.; it is still dusky until 1 a.m. and at 4 a.m. it rises again. So there is lots of light, especially oblique incident light. Which is why all the Livona awnings were also fitted with Valance Plus vertical awnings. In doing so, the residents can protect themselves from the glaring sun at any time. And because the awning is fitted with a drive, the residents are also spared annoying cranking. That is how the midnight sun can be enjoyed in a well protected way!

Anders Bo Hededam, weinor Sales Manager for Scandinavia, is pleased about the successful project with the awnings: "The successful planning and implementation show that weinor is also a professional partner in the area of large orders."

More information about the installed weinor products:

Livona / LED

Livona / LED

Smart technology forms the backbone of the minimalist design of the open Livona awning.

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