Pergola awning for architect-designed house

The builder-owners of a detached house in Cologne equipped their patio with a Plaza Viva pergola awning from weinor. The awning integrates inconspicuously into the facade's overall look and contributes to cooling the rooms indoors.

When the builder-owner couple moved into the architect-designed house in West Cologne roughly three years ago, they were really delighted with the quiet location, spacious room layout and sunny garden with patio. However, it soon emerged that the sunny patio also had its downside. As without any protection from above, it wasn't just the stone slabs outdoors that heated up. The rooms indoors also quickly absorbed the heat on warm days and made it unpleasant to spend any time in them, despite the outside blinds. Sunshades did not produce the desired cooling effect and did not satisfy the family's aesthetics requirements in any shape or form.

Sturdy pergola awning as weather protection

So they started looking around for alternatives. They were put in touch with the weinor retailer and partner Rolladen Handel Porz through a neighbour who had purchase an awning for his patio. The business specialised, among other things, in sunscreen installations for old and new buildings. Their first favoured solution, a normal awning from weinor, was not suitable though for static reasons. As the family from Cologne wanted sun protection for a very large area on their patio, the awning would have been too heavy. The facade would not have been able to absorb the loads. As an alternative, the specialist firm recommended a pergola awning. Two posts at the front of the sunscreen provide a high stability here. The Plaza Viva is also suitable for use in light rain. A lowerable post makes this possible. Thanks to the resulting slope, the rainwater can be drained off reliably and there are no unsightly water bags that stretch the awning fabric out of shape. "First of all I was worried that the awning's post would ruin the overall look of the house," says the builder-owner. But the weinor retailer and partner was able to quickly dispel this concern. As one of the posts was to be positioned so close to the house wall that it would hardly be noticed. In addition, weinor is able to design the frame and posts in many different colours as a result of its in-house powder coating. As a result, the awning's two posts match the building's window profiles perfectly with the slate grey colour chosen in the design.

Valance Plus and LED lighting complement the sunscreen

Before a final decision was made, the couple wanted to take one more look at an original Plaza Viva awning. They only had to travel a few kilometres for this as the manufacturer weinor presents its patio roofs, conservatories and awnings in original size at a more than 1,000 sqm showroom in Ossendorf, a Cologne district. They were quickly convinced by the quality and sophisticated design of the awning they wanted there. They were also impressed by the additional functions. As the pergola awning can have a Valance Plus added. It is attached to the drop profile at the front and besides protection against the low-lying sun it also offers privacy protection. This was absolutely ideal for the builder-owners as the garden borders directly onto the next house. The Valance Plus therefore guarantees a reliable degree of privacy. "The LED lighting with dimming function integrated into the awning cassette was then also demonstrated to us at the weinor showroom. As we like spending lots of time on our patio in the evenings, it didn't take long to persuade me to equip our new awning with this too," recalls the builder-owner. The decision was therefore made and the fitters from Rolladen Handel Porz equipped the patio with the Plaza Viva awning soon after. It was also ensured that the awning pattern went well with the house facade. Exactly the right note was struck with a plain light grey melange fabric.

Satisfied builder-owners

Meanwhile, the new owners of a pergola awning can no longer even imagine their patio without the sunscreen. "We have had lots of hot days recently. I simply leave the awning extended the whole time then. As a result, it is also much more bearable spending times in the rooms indoors, especially for our baby," says the young mother with delight. "The Plaza Viva also looks really good with our house. Everything looks like one unit. Design is very important to me and I would never have thought that the pergola awning with two posts would blend so wonderfully with the overall look." She is also very satisfied with the weinor retailer and partner Rolladen Handel Porz. "He really listened and catered to our personal needs and gave us the best advice. As a result, we can now really spend a great deal of time outdoors on the patio, even when it's raining a bit. Design, function, quality, advice: everything is really perfect here!"

weinor partner involved in this project: Rolladen Handel Porz

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Plaza Viva / LED

Plaza Viva / LED

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