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weinor true colours acrylic fabrics – for lasting brilliance and a beautiful feel

weinor true colours acrylic fabrics – for lasting brilliance and a beautiful feel

weinor's beautiful acrylic fabrics have been used for generations. With over 40 years on the market, the hallmarks of these fabrics are their outstanding durability and consistently radiant colours. 

The high-quality pigment is embedded into every single fibre from the very moment the acrylic fibres are made. The result: especially good colour fastness and high UV resistance. 

Beautiful feel
Special manufacturing techniques lend the material a particularly pleasant textile feel. 

Good glare protection
As the solar rays cannot penetrate between the weft yarn and the warp yarn, the fabric offers excellent protection from glare. 

Available quality: 300 g/m2

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weinor magic colours polyester fabrics – for unparalleled shape retention

weinor magic colours polyester fabrics – for unparalleled shape retention

The exquisite magic colours polyester fabrics have the unique ability to return to almost their original state when subjected to heat (memory effect). The result: unavoidable creases and wrinkles all but completely disappear. 

Fully dyed
The thread of the polyester fabrics is fully saturated with dye. This means that the pigment is embedded right into the fibres by means of a spinneret dyeing process. 

Beautiful feel
A special mechanical technique known as the Taslan process gives the thread with more volume and lends the woven fabric a pleasant textile feel. 

Available quality: 290 g/m2 (WeiTex Classic).

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Our special collections

screens by weinor® – the fabric collection for vertical sun protection

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3 times perfect privacy and sun protection for windows, patios and balconies.
Vertical privacy and sun protection from weinor offers you lots of benefits. It protects the patio and indoor rooms from overheating and your privacy from prying eyes.

You can choose between three different high-quality fabrics.
Select from: StarScreen, Perluca and Soltis® 86 /92.

StarScreen – textile woven fabric for a homely atmosphere
This spinneret dyed polyester fabric has a very natural textile look and feel. Its open weave increases the light transmission. This ensures an extremely homely character.This woven fabric is superb for vertical awnings (VertiTex), extended valances (Valance Plus), and for window awnings (Aruba).

Perluca-for airy sun protection and privacy
weinor Perluca is an attractive spinneret dyed acrylic fabric with breaks arranged at regular intervals. They ensure a constant exchange of air so that rooms do not overheat and maintain a pleasant climate. Perluca is particularly suitable for vertical awnings (VertiTex), side blinds (Paravento) and extended valances (Valance Plus).

Soltis®  86 and 92 –ventilated sun protection
The Soltis® high-tech fabric is extremely air-permeable thanks to its many micro-pores. When used on vertical awnings, it therefore provides for a healthy climate. Soltis® reflects up to 97 percent of all solar rays and therefore provides perfect sun protection. The Soltis® qualities differ from each other in terms of their structure and size as well as their pore configuration – thus allowing for a higher or lower amount of light and air permeability.
Soltis® 86, 92, are particularly suitable for window awnings (Aruba), vertical awnings (VertiTex) extended valances (Volant Plus), conservatory awnings (WGM) and as side blinds (Paravento), but not for folding-arm awnings.

weinor Pergona – waterproof and strong fabrics with different levels of light transmission

PERGONA transluzent
The special feature of Pergona transluzent is its high light transmission of up to 21 %. The support fabric allows natural light through and provides optimal protection against rain and UV rays. At the same time, it prevents unpleasant dazzling by strong sunlight. Due to its technically sophisticated design, the fabric is extremely hard-wearing, waterproof and light transmitting at the same time.

PERGONA classic
The weinor Pergona classic PVC-coated fabric offers reliable protection against the rain and UV radiation. Its light transmission totals just  0 to 11% and is therefore suitable for shading purposes. Dirty marks cannot be seen from underneath either.

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