Nanotechnology and fabric care

weinor's high-quality acrylic fabrics come with one outstanding property in particular: dirt has absolutely no chance.

The fabric is impregnated with a protective coating on a microscopic level – so-called Hi-Clean nano-technology – making it dirt-resistant*. The coating wraps around the fabric's fibres like an invisible protective shield which guards against dirt.


Rain and other liquids don't cling on to the fabric but roll off it, leaving no trace whatsoever.


The invisible protective coating staves off not only watery dirt but also oil-based dirt. The nature of the surface coating is such that unwelcome deposits simply won't stick.

The "honey test"

A simple yet impressive test proves it: if honey is applied to a fabric treated with Hi-Clean nano-technology, the fabric's liquid-repellent property will cause the honey to form tiny beads.

The sticky substance simply cannot penetrate the fabric. If water is then poured onto the fabric, the honey and water will both roll off the surface of the nano-coated fabric.

The result: the fabric returns to its clean state, with no traces of honey to be seen anywhere! Needless to say, the effect can be reproduced with many other forms of dirt.