Customer favourite 2019 – Most popular brand - Gold rating


Focus Money "2019 Customer Favourites" study: weinor is the most popular brand

A study by the business magazine Focus Money has shown that weinor is one of the most popular brands for 2019 and can call itself a "2019 Customer Favourite".

The test:
The Germany test by the Focus Money business magazine shows how popular brands are among the population. Customer evaluations of more than 3,000 brands from 146 industries were analysed and evaluated in the four test fields of price, quality, service and reputation. This was based on over one million social media sources with 53 million customer statements. The broad data set is a good indicator of how consumers perceive each brand.

The result:
This perception was extremely positive for weinor. The company performed extremely well, was awarded a "Gold" rating and may now use the "2019 Customer Favourite, Most Popular Brand" quality seal.